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CNC Manufacturing Solutions

We pride ourselves on being a leader in the manufacturing industry, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible. Our reputation for reliability and efficiency makes us a trusted partner for companies looking to streamline their production processes and increase their bottom line. With J.R. Technology, clients can count on receiving high-quality products and services that are designed to meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

Our Services



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Back Up Inventory

We stock back up inventory


For your repeatable parts. This ensures quick delivers and orders without having to go back into production.  This covers emergency orders.  In most cases we can ship the same day an order is placed.

Just in Time, on Time..Every TIme.

Once your parts are on our shelf, we can offer our JUST IN TIME, On Time, Every Time Service! No Longer worry about turn around times. WE have your Specialized parts ready to ship anytime you need them, and We pay for shipping, 


All prints are 100% confidential

J.R. technology protects your intellectual property and will never divulge your company's information to third parties. We have a strict privacy policy to ensure our customers IP is always protected. We can sign a nondisclosure if needed.

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