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Who We Are

J.R. Technology is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the manufacturing industry since 1984. Founded in the Silicon Valley, we have a long-standing tradition of providing manufacturing solutions for amazing companies with innovative products. 

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality Production machined parts to a wide range of industries. We are used to establishing long term relationships with our Purchasing Agents. We provide dependable service they can count on! Having parts in stock eliminates the hassles Purchasing Agents have to deal with. Simply email your request and no longer worry about that order! Your parts will be on your dock when you need them!


Our Mission

Manufacturing solutions for American companies who create innovative products. 

Understanding the manufacturing process can be overwhelming for companies just starting production.  Each part requires specialized knowledge of production and tools unique to that specific job.  At J.R. Technology, we firmly believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients.  When your company establishes us as a vendor, you are assigned an Account Manager who ensures a smooth manufacturing process. From print to finished product!  Our AM's minimize the work effort put forth by Purchasing Agents/Buyers navigating through the vast amount of vendors and suppliers. The process demands accurate design interpretation, inspections, material/plating certifications, and finally proper protection of your parts during shipment. We adhere to strict in house guidelines that allow our company to offer unique benefits to our Customers.

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